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Meet Steve

My name is Steve Orton and I’ve been a bodycore trainer since we opened in 2018, the first to be exact.

I started coaching and personal training clients straight out of study and have never looked back, working for multiple gyms and then working from home for many years I then found my place at bodycore . As an athlete myself I’ve been a competitive bodybuilder, attaining national and international titles aswell as an Ifbb pro status in 2016.

I never take on more work than I can handle, so I can give all my clients 100%, for me it’s all about team work and getting the best out of the situation. I’ve had a passion for the fitness industry all my life and I am blessed to be working in a job that I love to do, working with 100s of clients over the years it excites me of what’s to come and the relationships that can be built. 

I specialise in contest prep, building muscle, dropping body fat, nutrition for fat loss and/or muscle gain, posing and my unique style of training that incorporates many of my variations and training principles to help you achieve the results you want. I’m not a trainer that just tells you what to do, I want to hear your story, I want to find out how we can make this a long term thing and not just a fling, I’m all about creating a healthy lifestyle for life that can then be incorporated Into other aspects in life 

So if this sounds like you, the secret to getting ahead is to get started . I look forward to working with you 

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